Ain’t. No. Half-Steppin’.

“I never halfstep coz I’m not a halfstepper.” Phife

I realize that I’m that person who doesn’t operate in measures. I’m all in or not at all. The people I’ve dealt with romantically don’t always get it. Either I like you or I don’t. If I like you, I express it. Some think it’s me coming on too strong or that I’m being aggressive. But, I don’t think that’s true.

Folks say that they’re tired of playing games. I don’t play games. Like I said, I honestly express how I feel but that seems to confuse people. Maybe confuse is the wrong word. It throws them off, in my opinion.

Maybe people are so accustomed to certain behavior that any divergence from the norm can be jarring. I don’t know…but, I can only be me.

I have faith that someone will not only get me but appreciate my extremes.


Practical Manifestation.

When I began planning our show, Art Mama Moves, I must say…I was a bit overwhelmed. But never one to give up, I decided to go the Napoleon Hill/ Earl Nightingale route. I knew what I wanted…so I wrote it down. Several times, actually.


Following the advice of Napoleon, I wrote down my goal on index cards. On the back of each card I wrote something to the affect of, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will open for you”. This is not a religious thing. It’s a manifestation thing and it works for me.

Our show was a success and we have more shows in the works. I continue to write on these cards and I’ve found that this keeps me focused on my goal…which is of course to promote the Art Mamas and our work. I love doing this and I am motivated constantly. So, the notes to self/ motivational cards have been  AWESOME manifestation tools as far as reaching this material goal is concerned.

What about my personal, romantic goals? The last time I manifested a relationship, I listed…nope…brainstormed a bunch of things that I thought were important. My must haves. From this, I actually met someone who met most of my criteria if not all. I used to kick myself for not adding “no Scorpios” to the list…but I didn’t. I met a Scorpio. It did not end well.

Now I realize it wasn’t that the act of brainstorming that was flawed. It was that I wasn’t asking for what I really wanted. Partly because I didn’t know what I wanted.



So, now I’m starting to write my relationship goals on index cards and put them in places where I can see them. These little reminders will be my tools to stay focused on the relationship I have with myself as well as the relationship that I’d like to share with someone else.

Wish me luck!

Art Mama Moves!

Art Mama Moves: An Art Movement
Opening Night: December 2, 2017
Exhibit: December 2 thru December 16, 2017

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Art Mama Moves and Two& Las Olas are pleased to present a group exhibition of new work by Monique Everhart, Crystal Jaudon, Vanessa Norman, Gay Pasley, Frances Salsberry, Virginia Erdie, Stephanie McMillan and BILLIE . Art Mama Moves will run from December 2, 2017 – December 16, 2017 with an opening on December 2nd from 8pm-3a.m. on December 3rd. The exhibition will also feature a screening of the new Riot Grrl documentary by Vega Darling, music by The Coven and a Spoken Word Open Mic featuring Ari Safarii.
Art Mama Moves is an underground art movement originally based in South Florida. It is the goal of this movement to give woman centered artists a space to exhibit work. Art Mama Moves is above all else a safe space for artists to express themselves and celebrate the strength and resilience of women who have inspired society: politically, musically, visually or simply from a heart of pure love. Join us as we celebrate women who have rocked us and society to the core.
“Art Mama Moves” will run through December 16, 2017. The artist’s will be present at the opening night event on Saturday, December 2nd from 8:00a.m. until 3:00 a.m., December 3rd. Two& business hours are Sunday – Thursday 11a.m. – 2:00 Am., and on Friday –Saturday from 11a.m. – 3a.m. For additional information please contact Crystal Jaudon, 754-422-9648 or via email at

A Little Crazy Will Color Your Cheeks.

I’ve been riding that crazy train for a couple of weeks.

First, the fender bender. Ever since that truck hit me, I’ve been a little nervous about driving in traffic…and there’s always traffic in South Florida. Not only is there traffic but people generally drive like their on Crack. It’s a little intimidating.

Next, I met someone who replaced my long standing crush on The Shaman for about two weeks.

It didn’t work out.

Ironically, The Shaman was the one person I could talk honestly to about the situation. That’s something I guess.

I did; however, learn a few things about myself from both of these situations. First, I’m not a ‘get over person’ but I’m not a pushover either. Second, I am so impatient with people…especially when they play mind games.

As soon as I got the police report back about the accident, the ambulance chasers started calling. They ‘re so annoying! I quite frankly told on lady that I don’t have time keep going to the doctor just so he and the lawyer can get rich. Period.

My insurance pays up to$10,000 for accident cases. The lawyer wants 40% to pursue the case. That’s $4,000. Doctors visits three times a week for five weeks…another $4000 at least. That leaves me with maybe $2,000. Why not just take the $2000? Well…that’s my logic.

On the flip side…Art Mama Moves is coming along quite nicely. I have six confirmed artists and one them is a singer. Yay! I’m super psyched about this show.

I’ve been putting Earl Nightingale goal cards all over the place so I can LITERALLY keep my eyes on the prize.

So, what have we learned today children? Well, I’ve learned that life is like a Georges Seurat painting. Up close, its a bunch of little dots but step back a bit, take it all in and the big picture is really quite beautiful.