…and as I’m thinking of overthinking, here’s something that I thought. lol.

I am a chronic overthinker. It’s sad but true. Even when I have no idea why I’m thinking of something or why I happen to think it at that time, I keep thinking of alternate endings and dialogue changes. If I were a movie,  my characters would all be different aspects of my inner self and would speak Crystalese to each other…and get it. lol.

     See. There I go doin’ it again. Overthinking.

     Somtimes the things I think don’t make sense…to other people. That’s ok with me though. They’re my thoughts and I will tend for them gently. These underdeveloped thoughts eventually grow into proof that I am right. Even if it takes a while.

     I had a professor who embarassed me when I was a junior in college. I argued the point that American English is more closely related to the Romance languages than German. He accused me of not having read the material and so on, which was not true. I had but I disagreed…maybe because I was over thinking. It was horrible. But…about ten or so years later my point was supported in an academic journal. So, in the end I was right. My overthinking turned out to be advanced thinking, which is something I will accept.  lol.Image

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