Crystal’s Annual Blog about her period. lol.

Don’t you hate when you wait until the first day of your period to realize you’re down to your last pad? I mean, is it just me? I knew my period was coming and still ignored checking my bathroom closet supplies. So, of course I’m at the nearest store to me, Winn Dixie, and they don’t have my pads. Women who wear pads know what I mean. I prefer the one’s with wings. Anyway…


So I’m at the store and they don’t have my pads. Instead of  having a hissy fit (it’s here now, pms is subsiding so I am more in tune with my logical side), I grab the next best thing. The upgrade. I had to get the upgrade. Last month I went with the down grade (because the CVS I went to last month didn’t have my pads either…hmmm. Different story. Conspiracy?) and all sorts of sordid shit happened. I was not happy. So I spent the extra $1.50 on the upgrade and these suckers better work!


My period is a powerful, playful teenage girl. When my body is treated right, she’s easy to deal with. She gets what she wants, I get what I want. When I get lazy and forget to exercise or let stress invade my energy, it pisses her off. She gets downright nasty if I do not eat enough protein and chocolate. She kicks my ass. This month I was pretty good, which is why I’m writing instead of curled up in the fetal position watching Katherine Heigl movies, so she should be okay.


Well, pray for me and send me lots of good energy. For those who are just getting to know me, I’m a little weird around this time of the month. Just laugh it off, I’m on my period. For those who’ve known me for awhile, I’m an otherwise mellow chick…aren’t I? lol

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