Day 5: The Super Full Moon…and now what to do with all of that information.

I was having a really good cleanse day yesterday! I was ready for my Moon Dance and optimistic about the night…but then the moon threw me a curve ball, again. She threw me one last year on her Super Full night. Last year on the Super Full Moon night, a series of events spiraled out of control and ended in a dissolution of a friendship I’d had for almost 20 years. Last night, one assumption led to me coming home disappointed, frustrated and depressed. What does this have to do with my cleanse? I guess this is the part of the ritual where everything I’m bogged down with in my body: food, emotion, assumptions, all come out in the wash.


After my disappointing and frustrating night on the beach, all I wanted to do was stuff my face. I needed to fill up the void in my belly where I’d held happiness. So instead of howling under the moon light, I ate pancakes with bananas, blueberries and honey. There were some seasoned potatoes on the side, I ate those too, and sipped lemon water. What a different scenario than the one I’d been imagining all day.


But that’s the moon. She shows you what you need to see. I am thankful for that…even though it can be disappointing at times. Send me Love and Light, please. I could use it. Today will be better. What shall I put into my body today?

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