I was scrolling through my Facebook messages from the past couple of years and realized that I’ve met, built friendships and even romances based solely on words, pictures and assumptions. Many of these people I don’t even communicate with anymore, for whatever reason or another, and it makes me wonder. How can you really know a person if all or most of your interaction with them is online? 


Many of the people I assumed were my friends six months ago have drifted away. Mainly because I don’t think they really ever knew me. I am not my profile picture or whatever random thought I post today. We are humans and need to be loved but how can you love someone without ever meeting them face to face?


It disappoints me that most of my online community has been based on a fast food mentality. People consume each other and discard each other like cheap hamburgers. What happened to three dimensional humanity?


Meeting online and striking up a conversation are good ways to introduce yourself but, I’m reserving my real emotional committment to my real life friends and families. In my life, I need to know who has my back and if you’ve never seen my back, how can you support it? 


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