I am so excited…

I am so excited for my progress! This weekend I’ve been one creative, productive and driven little crab. My script rewrites are coming along swimmingly. My zeal for success is driving me to be more organized, more ambitious and more courageous.

I no longer feel reluctant to expect payment for my services. My prices are fair and the work is good, in fact it’s my very best effort every time. But, I’ve held myself back in business by not expecting to be paid for my work. No more. Why be in business if there’s no need to make money?

A friend on Facebook sent me a horoscope link for June. It was pretty comprehensive…lol. According to the chart, what I’m feeling right now is gonna last a while. Thank Goodness! I love this assertive, confident and productive side of me. It’s getting warm and this crustacean is ready to get it done! What an auspicious turn of events I’m expecting…and all I gotta do is the work. Yes!

Well, time to get back to work. I love my job!

Crabby Kisses and Moon hugs.

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