My Rant on Florida and its Culture of Capitalists Operating in an Atmosphere of Impunity.

I now understand why the average floridian driver cannot or simply will not drive well. It’s because our insurance is too high, the coverage too minimal and our  governor is a Theiving, Embezzelling Asshole who was accused and indicted for Insurance fraud while seeking office. 

Quite the mouthful and a lot to take in all at once, but stay with me. Imagine a place that could be paradise without its people. Surly, unhappy folk who are paid slave wages for almost any job that an education in Florida will prepare one. With insurance premiums on older model cars at around, at least, $200 a month, it’s no wonder that about 50% of all drivers here are insured. Ok, maybe that’s not an official number but I include people covered by something called PIP.

Basically, as I understand it, Personal Injury Protection aka PIP, is the type of insurance that says,”You cover you, I cover me…for up to $10,000.”  At least that’s how one insurance agent explained it to me. So, I guess the reason there’s so many accidents may have something to do with the way the economy is structured. IF someone with  a 1994 Ford pays about $200 or more a month for insurance that will cover him for the value of his vehicle plus a little extra, he may be prone to more reckless driving. See, the mentality is this,”Why should I be careful? You know how much I pay for car insurance?

A ridiculous assumption…unless you’ve ever driven in Florida.


We need better coverage for our money because driving here is like being trapped in a bumper car arena.

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