Some Advice from a Smart Friend.

“People show you who they are…you just have to pay attention.” 


     I love my friend Marianne. She makes sooo much sense. I have a scant few real friends…and I think I’ve adopted her as one of them. lol. She said the above words to me some months ago and I heard them, but didn’t really take note of their meaning. Now…I think I get it. 

     The Four Agreements teaches us to do a few things that seem easy but can be really hard to put into action. Be impeccable with your words. Don’t assume. Don’t take anything personally. Do your best. I began consciously incorporating these themes but sometimes I slip up and don’t use any. It’s a process. 

     When dealing with folks, I’ve routinely assumed that we’re on the same page when it comes to expectations, behaviors and methods. This assumption has lead me down a crazy road more than once. Why assume when I can just take a person as I see them. By simply observing someone and not letting assumptions cloud the truth, better decisions can be made when dealing with him or her. If someone tells you who they are (even if it’s never verbalized), believe them. Why haven’t I done that?

     Well, today is not the day for overthinking. That was yesterday. lol. Today is the day for being pro-active and chosing to do things differently. I am making a new agreement…to follow the Four Agreements as best as I can. This is my lesson for now. No assumptions. No taking things personally. Speaking impeccably…clearly and succinctly. Doing my best.

Thanks, Marianne for being my inspiration for the day!


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