Today’s Miracle and more small epiphanies.

  I found my nautilus. No, I mean really…I FOUND MY NAUTILUS earring that I’d been looking for all month! Wow. I mean I just found it. This is major and means so much, on so many levels. I almost don’t know how to start. But, because I have to tell this story let me get it together and start now.    

     Earlier this month, I went to war with a friend. It was not planned or foreseen. So much happened and I don’t care to go into detail but it happened around the same time I lost my earring. Not just any earring but my nautilus earrings which have incredible significance for me. 

     So the war was waged and died. Peace was made. In the interest of peace, negotiations took place. The Allies won.Hurray! I had a pretty light day today. Washed my hair. Meditated. Read from our bookclub selection…and watched a movie. The Descendants, as a matter of fact. Really Good story. Moving.

      I returned the movie and drove home . I’d shoved my earphones in one jacket pocket and my cell phone in the other. When I walked in the house, I grabbed the items from both pockets and pulled. Dangling from the headphone cord was my missing nautilus. Excited yet unsure, I rushed over to my jewelry box and searched. YES! I’d found it! I’m wearing them both right now.  

      Is it coincidence that I found my earring after making peace with my friend? I don’t think so. In my opinion, I think that it is a miracle. I see the lesson. I see the reward. It’s true. Cleansing the body is good for the soul. I have even more proof of that dangling from my earlobes at this very moment.ImageImage

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