So…who went to the Reunion? lol.

Unlike many of you, I did not enjoy high school. Wasn’t that obvious? lol. It makes me chuckle that the people I thought were major assholes turned out to be semi-decent human beings, which makes me glad. But I must say, I hated being in school with most of you (and I’m sure you know who you are) and I to this day, I do not understand Senior Prom.


I got a phone call about a week before prom from a guy I didn’t know. He was all like, blah blah blah, I heard that you don’t have a date and I’ll be your date. yada yada yada.  Lol. I kinda figured it was some kinda prank but having a date seemed to make my mom happy (She worried about my lack of social graces) and we went shopping. Yay! *throwing confetti* I hated shopping. lol.


Of course prom night rolled around and my mystery date never showed. I knew he wouldn’t and I had a back up plan. However, my poor mom was devastated and sad for me. She didn’t even want to drop me off because she felt that I would be hurt. “Fuck that,” I said.”Nobody’s ever gonna shame me!


Mom dropped me off and I proceeded to get drunk for the first time in my life. It was fantastic! But back to the matter at hand. I hated Highschool. Couldn’t wait to get the hell out. Thought about droppin’ out more than once but knew my parent’s would kill me. Prom? It was just the cherry on the giant shit cake.


So forgive me if I don’t have a whole bunch of great memories. Sorry if I tend to not give a hoot about reunions, parties and the such. Lol…I really wonder why people give a damn about me now coz nobody gave a damn then. But, do I have a right to be bitter. Maybe. But…I’m not. I did learn alot at Northside. I loved Performing Arts and all the pretend we played.


I’d like to think that my Senior Prom experience set me on my path. I have no shame. I’m not easily embarassed. My individuality has helped more than hindered me…so, yea.


What made you who you are today?


Crystal Jaudon

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