Swimming to the Surface.

 My friend Natasha Harris is the homegirl/sista/friend I wanted in high school. lol. She gives it straight with no chaser and I love that about her. Tasha is one person who can listen to my side of the story but at the same time get me to see that my side isn’t the only side. There’s a whole movie happening and I’m just one of the actors. Talking to her really opened my eyes to new perspectives and the need to see where I need to honestly assess how I’m dealing. Man, this month’s cleansing is really forcing me to deal with my…stuff. 

      Yesterday was all about Crystal getting out of her comfort zone…and I’m glad for the results. I woke to some news that saddened me. I mean really saddened me but I can’t honestly say that I was surprised. I was immediately put in a position to choose which direction in this forked road to take…this journey had come to necessary choice.  I chose to swim to the surface of my deep waters. To do things differently…I haven’t regretted it.

     My day started out with me controlling my appetite. I’d eaten a decadent, delicious meal the night before and I still felt full…well, not hungry and decided not to have solid food until lunch. So in the morning all I had was two odwalla smoothies ( not back to back), water and tea.  Even when I did eat lunch, I had an Amy’s Veggie loaf platter. Dinner was yummy pad thai, summer rolls and jasmine tea.

   Controlling my appetite has been the easiest part of this cleanse.  My emotional work and progress has really been amplified by this detox. I’m learning self control…and I’d never realized how little I practice that sometimes. ( Ok…a lot of the time. lol) Control of  my thoughts, habits and practices. I’m developing forethought and balanced perception. I’m seeking enlightenment…and finding it in the most mundane places. I am learning.

     I am happy to say that by changing my methods and practicing self control, I am in a happier place. Yay, Team Crystal! 

Have I said that I love the Detox today? I will. 


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