Ouch! That Hurt!

My new spirit work must’ve required a small blood sacrifice today. I slammed my finger in the door of my truck. I slammed the door in my truck after arguing all morning with a mad woman. We used to be friends.

Anyway after all of that, I decided to go to the beach and attempt sungazing. I also figured that since I’d be at the beach and that was near Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble’s, some multitasking could get done. Well…I slammed my finger in the door of my truck, Blood was everywhere. I ran back into the house    where my family took care of me.

Maybe part of the lesson was that my family is and will always be there for me, why seek outside for approval and companionship? Could be. But, I think the higher lesson is to maintain my vibration and stop lowering it to fit the situation. I also feel that I needed that painful reminder to pay attention and not take my safety for granted. I lost focus on my real goal, which is enlightenment, and sank below my evolution.

But, isn’t that what soul work does? Takes us out of our comfort zone. Shakes us up. Makes us aware of ourselves in the context of a new vantage point? I feel that is so. It must be. There’s no room for complacency in evolution.

…and that’s my interpretation of why I slammed my finger in the door this morning.Image

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