Crazytown! lol.

This one’s to you, you CRAZY BITCH.

I couldn’t sleep last night so I watched John Carter. It had a decent story line (nothing original but held my attention) but I got the feeling that it could’ve been better if someone other than Disney was in charge of it.

It’s obvious that I was up late, way into the witching hour. My Facebook was hacked so I took a peek through a wormhole, so to speak, and read something quite disturbing. In fact, by the time I  was done reading it my ire was through the roof!

Wow. I couldn’t believe it. Will this bitch ever tire of torturing me? Apparently not. Since she blocked me on Facebook, I was unaware of the new short story she was writing. It’s all about how we met and our really short  relationship began. About how tortured she was with being attracted to me but already in love with someone else. All that R&B bullshit everyone’s already heard about in a Jodeci song, why rewrite the lyrics here? Blah. Blah. Blah.

Here I am trying to put this woman out of my mind and she’s reveling in how deceitful her actions were when we were together. The reason she blocked me is because I’d written something in a public forum about my reaction to a conversation we’d had the night before. I didn’t mention her name. I really didn’t intend for her to take it personally, the thought never crossed my mind that she’d be insulted. Oh but she was, she was very insulted.

Insulted to the point that knowing I’d be on a field trip with my son all day, she went onto my post and lambasted me for about 6 hours. I was all kinds of crazy hoes and bitches. I was defenseless. Someone called me to tell me that I didn’t deserve what happened and I was like, huh?

To make a long story short, it was ugly. Very ugly. But, for some reason we were able to try and rekindle our friendship. Why would I even want to be friends with someone who humiliated me in a public of my peers? I remembered the good times. I longed for them. We had some of my favorite walks on the beach ever but those walks will never be again.

As part of our agreement, she blocked me and I was happy. I wouldn’t have to be insulted or take her words personally and she wouldn’t have a reason to rake me over the coals of hell for whatever I may write. Cool. But, of course this didn’t last long before we entered into a Dominant/Submissive relationship.

This was not my finest hour. I accepted the agreement out of curiosity and that feeling of “I’m close to 40 and need more experiences” feeling.  It was ok in a physical sense, nothing to write home about. But when it began to seep over into our friendship, I just couldn’t take it anymore. We can not be friends. We don’t have to be enemies but we can’t be friends.

Look at what happens when I lower my guard. Now, she’s writing about me in the same forum, before the same people that she humiliated me in front of before. The same people who showed me  NO friendship or support while my reputation and name were in need of some back up. The same group I decided to leave because I was tired of being free entertainment.

But apparently writing about Crystal is fun and cool! Let’s just reopen all the old wounds and throw salt on them again. It shouldn’t bother her because I blocked her and she shouldn’t be able to read it anyway. No holds barred! It’s a party! WooHoo, bitch.

I feel abused. I feel indignant. I feel angry.

But, now that I’ve written it all down, I can go on with my day.

This must be how venting feels.

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2 thoughts on “Crazytown! lol.

  1. yup. that’s venting one-OH-one. welcome. it’s actually kinda liberating some days 😉 hugz and fuck that bitch! grrr…oh. wait. cursing comes in one-OH-one, lesson two lol. wait for it!

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