I’ve been hacked! …and it’s ok.

My Facebook account was hacked a couple of days ago.  I’m kind of a Facebook junkie so it could’ve been a big deal for me. But…a few days away from Facebook has actually been sorta liberating.

A couple of things that I’d put off  like creating a vision board and playing Monopoly with my eight year old, I started over the weekend. I’ve never made a vision board. It’s been fun so far! I have played Monopoly with The Little Round Head Boy and he always wins. lol. I don’t let him win either! He’s what we like to call an ‘avid investor’. Love that kid. Love his brother too.

I went to dinner with some friends last night. That was sooo much more fun than chatting online and posting  pics of things I’d LIKE to do. We ended up doing some light bar hopping. So in essence, I got a little exercise too. In my world, dancing and walking in heels counts as exercise. It does. Really.

So, I haven’t been networking for my business. I haven’t been making witty remarks and engaging my peers in intellectual debates. I have been being active in my real time life. It’s felt good.

Maybe my account will be fixed by tomorrow. Hopefully. I have my fingers crossed. But, if it isn’t, I’m sure I’ll find something to do with my time. 

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