Lukewarm water…heating up in a cauldron.

Ever just have one of those days?  I had that day today. I don’t know if I feel pain, heartbreak, sorrow, free, shocked or sad. My mentor died. His mother called me crying her heart out. I feel so bad for her and I feel guilty for not staying in contact with him more although I knew he was very ill. The kyoshi at our dojo committed suicide and now there’s a pending pedophile investigation…supposedly. I didn’t hear the news from an official source. A friend told me.

To put the cherry on the shit cake, I had another round of emotional interchanges with someone I need to just forget. Was it only yesterday that we made peace? I was optimistic about our friendship. We just don’t mesh and need to stay away from each other. I have deleted myself from yet another group and potential circle of friends because I just can’t take it.

So, at this moment I am listening to healing meditation music. I need to work on my novel for the 30 Day Book Writing Challenge…and I will. I just need a minute’s peace. Hopefully venting in this blog will help blow off some steam. Send me some Love and Light, please.

This Crab’s swimming in some pretty turbulent waters…and everyone knows crabs are not great swimmers.

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