Black Dynamite!

Yes! There will be Black Dynamite on Adult Swim this summer! I can’t wait. Adult Swim has been ridiculous for years. My only reason to tune is The Boondocks. I can’t do all that other nasty, borderline pedophile shit they play otherwise. Anyway, I digress.

I felt the need to leave the house and work this morning. The beach or B&N? The bookstore won even though in the past the beach was just too big of a draw. So, I walk inside and a woman greets me. Turns out our congressman, Marco Rubio, will be here today. Damn. I should’ve brought some tomatoes.

I have to pass the magazine section to get to the filling station, Starbucks, and spotted an anime black man with an afro and bullet is between his teeth. Black Dynamite is on the cover of Juxtapoz magazine. You know I bought it.

So now I’m jazzed! I can’t wait to see it. Black Dynamite is my BABY DADDY. lol.

Back to work, now.

Should be an interesting day.

Black Dynamite

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