The King of Pentacles.

King of Pentacles

“The King of Pentacles card suggests that my power today lies in responsibility. I surround myself with the conditions I wish to create and therefore have everything I need to be successful and independent according to my values and purpose. I consider the welfare of others and am a master in production. I am empowered by, and it is my honor to be, generous in offering or reproducing security, stability, and protection by my virile and reliable example. My assets are perennial trust, respect, and validation that is well deserved.”
     Over the past few months, so much emotion bubbled over and I floundered, at times, while attempting to make sense of it all. I’ve learned two things so far though.  Do the best I can and take control of my life, guide the ship instead of just riding the waves.
     One way to do that is to “surround myself with the conditions I wish to create”. I’ve already started that process. Taking martial arts with my family builds character & strength. It’s so amazing that we do it together! Three generations becoming physically healthy and mentally strong. That’s a condition that I love to be surrounded in, feels good inside and out. Which is what this journey is all about, right?
       Basically, I must create an atmosphere within myself of calm detachment, ambition, empathy, passion and strength. I’m doing this by surrounding myself with goal oriented, ambitious, friendly yet professional people who get things done. It ignites a spark within me when I am able to share intellectual yet productive conversations with like minded folks. It’s a great way to exercise the mind and senses.
     This card has inspired me to make it my theme of the day. As our sensei taught us yesterday, “Create a goal and visit it often.” Sounds like great advice to me!
Thank You, Universal Intelligence!
There are so many names we call you but we all feel you just the same.

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