Hot Water! lol.

It is time for me to embrace my inner goddess. Why not? I’m 38 years old and ready to take charge in my life. All of my inner child work and soul work and chakra work has taught me this: Do Not Operate in Fear.

I recalled a song the other day. It’s a sweet song. Kinda innocent and deep at the same time.

“Life. Life is what you make it. So come here my dear. Try to make it. I know that you will.”

It’s time to give it a  try!

My inner goddess is telling me it’s time to play! Time to have fun and bask in the sunshine. I’m doing the work. I’m  being creative. I’ve set my goals. Now it’s time to add some pleasure to my joy.

I like her. My inner goddess is a heck of a smart lady. I think I’ll take her advice.

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