Aqua Fresca…with Watermelon. lol

Yesterday I ate like a pig! lol. Thank goodness it was mostly healthy…mostly. So we had a crap load of watermelon left over. I remembered that one of my detox/cleanse sister’s made some watermelon water as a cool, refreshing way to stay hydrated. Well, I thought to myself…I can do that! Seems like it should be delicious.

Long story short, I was researching recipes when I stumbled across a recipe for Watermelon Aqua Fresca. My Spanish isn’t that great but it seemed like watermelon water to me! Well, what it turned out to be was something even more yummy. A sort of watermelon slushie with a lime kick…lol.

So I started out making one thing and ended up making another. No worries. That’s just how Cancer’s do it sometimes. Change is inevitable. Yummy change is delicioso!

Happy Holiday Weekend!ImageImageImageImage

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