Fun and Adventure…what a way to celebrate!

I am now officially 39 years old. One year shy of 40…and it feels so GOOD.

Tuesday was my birthday and I celebrated in true Cancer fashion with a healthy mix of spirituality and debauchery. This year debauchery came first. lol. Some friends and I stayed at The Clinton Hotel on South Beach. It was super cool that our room was upgraded to an amazing suite with an outside jacuzzi…and they gave me a bottle of pink champagne for my birthday. Sweet! Let the party begin.

My friends all came bearing gifts fit for a Cancer-Moonbaby-Starchild. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies with Almonds (Thanks, Oriana! Delicioso!), wine and sangria (Wendy, you Rock!),  an armlet made in ancient snake design (I LOVE it Kristi!) and an awesome tarot reading (Farrah…you are my Sistar!). See how Universal Intelligence works? My birthday celebration was destined to be RAD.

Since we were in South Beach, we went to this underground club called Jazid that was playing old skool and soul. They even had karaoke! I love drunken karaoke! The alcohol was flowing and Oriana stood up on a bench with me as we danced. The night was filled with libations, pizza, sushi, sake, champagne, “Call me a Cab” drinks and chocolate. The morning began at 6:18am.

The one thing I really planned to do was sunrise on the beach. Farrah, Wendy and I ambled down to the beach in our hazy state and watched the sun come up. It was AWESOME. My girls are awesome for coming with me. We did some sungazing, something I’d wanted to try and I felt the sun’s pulse beating on my eyes. Happiness is a warm Sun.

What a great way to start a new year. Wine, Women and Song. Chocolate, Sunrise and Love.Wonder Filled and Auspicious

. Happy Birthday to me!

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