Home. Home Again…

I tell ya. Being in Atlanta this summer has been so amazingly different from last year …or any of the other years I’ve come home for vacation.

I think it’s me. I’m different. Last summer I was runnin’ around like a chicken with her head cut off. Making a movie, making friends, making waves and riding them as only a crab can made Atlanta Vacation 2011 very, very hectic. I was a she-crab boiling in a vat of delicious gumbo…and kinda enjoying it.

This year I’ve been more of a hermit crab. A direct contrast to last year but hey, Cancers are changeable, right? I feel good! I love my introverted vacation. In my humble opinion, it’s appropriate for the many changes I’ve experienced over the year since last summer. I need this mini-break, this time to slow down and enjoy my family. After all, their the ones who sacrifice so much for me to follow my dream of being an award winning, successful film maker. Love my family!

I am excited to get home to Florida (seems so weird writing that) and begin production on a new project but for now, I’m chillin’ at my brother’s house, recovering from yesterday’s massive family eat-a -thon and gettin’ ready to meet my nieces at the neighborhood park.

I better pack money for ice cream. 

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