Judge not…

I’ve been called a hypocrite again and I don’t like it. People assume that being on a metaphysical journey means I have it all figured out. Like, I shouldn’t ever make human errors in judgment or action because I emblazon my Facebook page with messages of positivity.  That is unfair. It’s described as a journey because that’s what it is a journey. Not a destination I’ve reached.

Yes. I am on a path. A righteous path which winds and curves. Sometimes there’s rocks and debris that need to be moved. Sometimes the path is loose and overrun with weeds…but rarely is it made of concrete. I’ve been known to stray from my path but I always find my way back to it. As the great 80’s band Human League tells us, “I’m only human. I’m flesh and blood. I’m made.”  I have and will fall. The true testament of my character lies in the fact that I acknowledge that I have fallen and decide to pick myself up to walk the path again.


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