BFF, Dating Blahs and Stinky Cheese.

I love having an Aries best friend. She helps me keep things in their proper perspective. When I’m down about a love interest or upset because my sensitive crab heart is hurting, she gives me the best advice. My favorite quotes of hers are the ones that sound like,”Really? That person wasn’t good enough for you anyway.” and “Crystal, most of the people you date are not as smart as you so why do you expect so much from them?”. I love that about her. I love her Aries-ness. I want to be more like her sometimes. I think a healthy dose of not giving a shit would be good for me.

True story. I met someone about a month ago. We clicked and all of my vacation in Atlanta, we talked and made plans to go out upon my return. Our first night out, she takes me to a party and proceeds to ignore me all night. Who does that? I still kinda like her though. Hence the dilemma.

My bff says, “I didn’t want to say anything but she doesn’t deserve your attention.” She also tells me to stop settling for bullshit people. I know she’s right but I’ve been a bullshit magnet for so long, how do I turn it off? What’s a Crab to do?

I want to meet someone, fall in love and run off into the sunset. Is that to much to ask? Maybe I need to change playgrounds again. But, no matter where I run…the bullshit seems to follow. ARGH. Is it too late for me?

By the way, I love stinky cheese. It is delicious. I recently had some cheese so stinky my eight year old ran from the kitchen in disgust. Finally! I’ve found a snack that never comes up missing when I put in the fridge.

One day love will be like stinky cheese. There when I want it and oh, so yummy goin’ down. lol

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