Another one Bites the Dust.


Real Talk. Why do folks say stupid ass shit like, “If we aren’t romantic, does that mean we can’t be friends?”.

Duh…Yeah. That’s what it means. If we started out in a romantic way but you changed your mind midcourse, why the HELL do you think I want to keep hangin’ around like some sad, sick, desperate puppy. Puh-leez. Miss me with that one (learned that from someone I used to date…who ironically forgot to tell me about their out of town GIRLFRIEND).

Maybe I’m just too honest for most people. Maybe I just don’t give a flying fuck. But, WHY? Why would I do that…again. I did that in my 20’s. Thank GOD that time has passed. I used to be all gothic and depressed, hoping that the asshole who lead me on would reconsider and see ME for the AWESOME woman that I am. It never happens. They never come around. They just use you to talk to when they’re bored or in between their ‘serious’ prospects. (Thanks for teaching me that lesson, Alfred). I am nobody’s second choice or used napkin. Don’t expect me to hang around waiting for more torture. I am not a masochist.

So in the words of the great Freddie Mercury, “Another one gone, Another one gone…another one bites the dust.” Thanks, Queen. I knew that song would come in handy one day.


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