Tropical Storm Averted…and I don’t mean Isaac.

We battened down the hatches. Dragged all of the furniture indoors and stocked the pantry, for good reason, a storm was headed this way.

Not to mention I got my period (JOY) and my very first art show was scheduled to happen the night before the tornado was due to hit.

But…my art show was AWESOME. My friends braved the weather, which turned out to be pretty mellow, to be there for me. My really, really good friend’s birthday was the same night and she had some Amazing work in the show too! We partied, painted and laughed all night…regardless of the weather. Not even Aunt Flow could get me down this time!  As The Ancients would say, “What an auspicious evening.” Yes, indeed it was a great night.

Since we’re in the process of moving, my oldest son and I loaded up the truck to take a load to our new spot. When we got home, the newscaster announced that school had been cancelled for Monday in lieu of the coming hurricane.

I don’t know who was happier. Me or the boys. YES. I get to sleep in on Monday! Woo Hoo!

Sunday was a cold, wet mess. So, we stayed in and chillaxed for the day. Foregoing any moving until Monday in honor of having the day free. I can’t even remember what we did yesterday…but I do remember doing it in my pajamas.

Today was Monday. The family (boys, grandparents and me) all drove over to transport beds and furniture from storage to new home. It was messy business. All of us were soaked but in relatively high spirits. Afterwards I came home and had a realization.

Let it go. Let it all go.

The anger and resentment I’d felt after having my heartbroken.

The resulting pain and suffering I kept subjecting myself to because I continued to hold on to  feelings of abandonment and self deprecation.

Let it go. Be Thankful.

I have a loving family. Beautiful kids. Friends who care and want to spend time with me…because we enjoy each other.

I always intend to rise above it all and focus on positivity…but recently I’d slipped into that old Cancer trait of dwelling on past hurts, insecurity and depression.
So…I’ve checked myself. It’s time to snap out of it! There’s a great big, beautiful world around me and I want to live in it.

It may rain. The wind may blister my skin and burn my eyes. I may get banged up and bruised…but dammit! Life is beautiful.

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