Root Chakra Reboot…Part Deux. lol

     I was soooo sleepy last night and didn’t realize that I’d deleted half of my post. Lol. No matter. I’ll just pick up with a fresh thought. I’m flexible like that…so here’s part two.
    Root chakra work is about survival instincts…and boy have my survival instincts had to take charge this week! Already I’ve had some major home and life things happening…but those instincts have led me to do what I gotta do to get what I gotta get. Very basic needs dealing with home and family have been sort of challenging’s being handled. Thank God for tenacity, free thought and diligence! Thank you my friends for all of your Love and Light energy…I FEEL it. Last but not least, I thank ME for turning on that root chakra work and learning to heal myself.

This root chakra work process has been less jarring than in the past. I’ve learned to manage my challenges with more grace, more ease. By not jumping into panic mode, the journey has been smoother and less complicated. Yes. The issues that I’ve needed to address have come up, some more than once. I’ve learned to not fear and to not procrastinate. I’ve learned to let go of the stress by being pro-active. Yay! Progress!

A good, good friend told me yesterday, “Remember when you said you were moving  by a certain date? Well, it happened.” She’s right! I set my intention and put that energy out there in the Universe. I’m sitting in my new living room typing at this very moment. The proof is in the pudding. I’m aligning my chakras from the root up! The challenges only make the reward so much tastier.

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