Root Chakra Reboot.

This week has been dedicated to my root chakra. As part of  our new eight week challenge, my self help/indigo group has embarked on a journey of chakra healing and alignment. I’ve done this work before so I kinda had an idea of what to expect but…it’s still been pretty intense.

Our journey began Monday, Labor Day. I woke up around 4am and thought, “Ok. I’ll play around on the computer.” Ha! No such luck. Root Chakra work had already begun. My oldest son had her up and running later that morning. I had faith that he would and he did. I felt secure in that knowledge. Security is related to the root. We went to the grandparents house and chowed down on a host of root chakra foods. I had Barbeque, red wine…need I say more?

The week has pretty much been about survival, security, financial issues and lots of meditation. I’m mired in the mundane…and loving it . This is healing at it’s most primal level, from the root up.

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