Walking on a Dream

Sacral chakra week has been soo magical. So magical.

There are no other words to describe my experiences this week. None.

“We are always running for the thrill of it…Never looking down. I’m just an aura. What’s in front of me?”
Tuesday I went to the beach. It wasn’t planned. I didn’t expect to be there. In fact, I was on my way to do something totally different…that just happened to be in the same direction as the beach.

“Is it real now? Two people become one. I can feel love. Two people become one.”

I felt it. I felt her. I felt Yemaya. She called me to the beach. She blessed me.

“How can I explain?’

There were orange stones and shells all over the beach. I found one with a hole in it, perfect for a necklace. I’m wearing her right now.

So much beauty and power. I was overwhelmed and a feeling of love filled me. THANK YOU, YEMAYA! I LOVE YOU.

I was filled with gratitude. THANK YOU UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE!

I am filled with your love. I am filled with your waters.

Is this what true love feels like?

“I can feel love.”

Walking on Dream.

(lyrics from Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun)

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