Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Girl Play (web series)

What I’ve been up to lately. lol

The K Word

18215_490665014287850_85275415_nIt’s that time again, children. Yes! It’s time for the Super Gay Movie Review!

(INSERT Fireworks here.  Lol.)

Well, we’ve been promising some Girl Play for a few weeks now and I finally found it. Sadly, I was looking in the wrong places for the wrong thing, hunti, but fortunatel y I found the right stuff. There is a movie titled “Girl Play” and it’s about two lesbian actresses who fall in love while working together. That is not what I am reviewing, although I may check it out later.

What we’re discussing today kiddies is the popular new lesbian web series set in New Orleans , Girl Play. Now it was not the plan for me to review or even ingest any more lesbian web based shows. One, most of them really suck in the production department… Just too hard to watch at times. Two, so many are closer…

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