Affirmations and other tools to defeat The

Dude!  I really gotta stop logging into Facebook first thing in the morning. After coffee maybe but never on an empty stomach.

I like to think of myself as a relatively funny lady. Well, not always a lady but always ready to share a smile with a digital friend. Unless provoked, I’m usually pretty mellow.

Unfortunately, this morning, before coffee, a girl came for me! Not in a good way either. I dodged her initial shade with a smile and hair flip. “Whatever, Girl” I thought, letting the sun clear that shade. Lo and Behold, Ms. Thing stung me again with that ol’ Scorpion tail. I was all like, ” Damn!” and went into a deep depression for about three minutes. Then I came to my senses, repeated my daily affirmations, deleted the post and moved on.

BUT…the episode kept popping up in my mind. I regretted letting her jabs get to me. I felt as if my resolve to walk this new path had been tested. I was irritated.

But now that I have allowed myself to vent, I feel better.

Whew…glad that’s off my chest.

Every day, in every way, I get better and better.20141128_185907IMAG0058601620_3355838502800_1523127477_n

One thought on “Affirmations and other tools to defeat The

  1. Funny that you mention this. I get that way too where I say whatever and then flip my hair. But for some reason if I don’t address the issue it bothers me a little bit. I have no idea why and it does take a few moments before I let it go. Glad to know I’m not the only one

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