Sugar Crash…Burn.

Dude. I woke up around ten a.m. brimming with post sugar overdose guilt so I drag, almost literally, my happy butt to the gym. First things first, I grab my post work out chocolate cappuccino.  I am no saint just a girl fighting a love of all things combining chocolate and coffee.

In the gym, I made it through twenty minutes of the elliptical machine and some upright shoulder presses. Yay!

I’ve been looking for my one lb weights all week so I use the five lbers in my gym. That limits my spur of the moment workouts at home to mostly cardio. Is The Universe telling me it’s time for new weights?


So my day started on a good note. I worked out and immediately had a few cookies. What? It’s the holidays…lol.

Seriously, I know it’s time to cleanse so New Year’s Day is the day I start my kick off cleanse. In the meantime. I’ll keep smiling and moving…and possibly eating more cookies.

Who am I kidding?

Definitely eating more cookies.lol20141225_105512

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