Day Two of the New Year

It’s been REAL.

2015 is here and I, for one am excited. It’s time to begin officially journaling my new year.

This awakening, stopped using morning…mostly, I woke up with a slight ear ache and a massive load of stress. Now I’ve been bombarding my psyche, soul and body with self help work since my ex broke up with me in September. When she finally left last month, I guess I’ve gotten into the habit of distracting myself with meditations, prayers, workouts, cleanses…you name it.

I think what I’ve really needed is a vacation from myself. My new normal routine. So today, I veg. I veg and write. Ok…I veg later, write now and then relax. lol. As you can see, relaxation isn’t always my first priority.  Working on that now.

At some point I’ll take some of those embarassing body shots to show where I am now…but I am a woman. I will not take an unflattering photo so that project will have to wait until payday. I like my body a lot more than I did last year or the year before. The work out I’ve been doing pretty regularly for a few months hasn’t made me skinny but that’s mostly because I’ve been eating butter, sugar, caffeine, chocolate, beef…ok, pretty much everything. Basically, I’ve been maintaining my weight however, I look better in my clothes. Once I  cleanse and get on track, I’ll be sveltle in no time.

Ok, so this my first blog of the year. They’ll get more interesting as time passes. Right now, I’m about to chill with Sybil Leek by the pool and learn a little something about my self.

Every day, in every way, I get better and better and better.

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