Not Good Morning. Great Awakening!

I’m in a self help community. Maybe it’s because  in my vanity, I feel that all of this fabulosity can only get better or it could be that I deserve a life well lived. Either way, I mingle with a lot of Esoteric, Afro-Hippies.

We were discussing the word ‘morning’. Why?  Because that’s what we do. Turns out that instead of ‘mourning’ the new day, it should be celebrated. Morning & mourning apparently have a common origin…and I can’t even think of what it could be ….but hey, it was a fun discussion.

So, out of all that crazy talk, came my decision to avoid using morning as much as possible. Just because I like saying Happy Rising or Great Awakening.

Why not?2014-12-25 01.28.02

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