A New Day Is A Comin’…and it’s about time.

I am so glad that it’s almost moving day. In fact, I’ve already started moving stuff into my storage space. I am ready to go.


My apartment is imbued with my ex’s energy. I can’t take it anymore. When I go get mail, there’s her name. When I go to the bathroom, I am bombarded with memories. The car? I don’t even want to discuss the car. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to moving…but today is a  new day and I am ready for some new energy.


It’s crazy.

But, just like that scene in The Wiz, where the sprinklers go off and the slaves are washed clean and everyone breaks into an Alvin Ailey Dance number, I am ready to celebrate a new day! I want to be free of this place and run off into the sunrise of  my new journey. Freedom! I am reachin’ for you.


Featured Image -- 701

Also in today’s news, I am due for a work out session. My belly is going Buddha again. lol.

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