No more Yahoo Voices. Now what?

2014-12-25 01.28.02

My writing coach assigned me the task of writing freelance articles. We discussed Yahoo Voices and I thought it was a good idea. So, I go to research how I should go about submitting my work only to find that Yahoo Voices no longer exists. Dang! Apparently, it was a rather abrupt and disruptive outgoing. The freelance, free for all was shaken to the core! However, since so many people were affected by Yahoo Voices going the way of the dodo, it was quite easy to find information on other ways to publish my words.

But that’s not what I want to talk about.

I started this blog a few years back because a few friends of mine were concerned that I was putting too much of my personal information, feelings and rants on Facebook. It was a thing. I took their advice and I’ve loved having a place to write without offending the general public. It’s been fun and liberating to have my little WordPress space full of oddities. I do enjoy griping about my period or some jerk who ticked me off. When I need a virtual shoulder to cry on but don’t want to talk, my Cancer’s world is always here. Waiting for me with a clean, blank screen for me to fill.

But, is there more I could do with this space? Could I actually use it to spread my hedonistic, queer and uppity colored woman’s  message to the world? Not sure…but is it worth a try?

To be honest, the whole digital age has passed over me like a series of clouds over a sandy beach. I really only go on two sites: Facebook and Yahoo. Mostly because my friends and family are there to keep me abreast of gossip, funny video clips and the occasional job tip. I come to this blog to journal. It’s safer than trying to organize notebooks and scraps of paper. I love writing and I did promise my coach to get some articles written. Writing for publication by an already established online magazine makes a whole lot of sense but being the master of my own pages feels like it’d be more fun!

Is it in me to be a serious blogger? In my head I’m picturing Carrie from Sex in the City…but didn’t she work for a newspaper or something? Not sure. It was a long time ago and I only watched the first couple of seasons. Anyway…

How does this thing work? Hmm…

Time to do some research.

Oh, yea. Reminder to self.

Write some articles.


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