Ritualized Life.


Every rising, I awake and begin a series of habits that improve the quality of my life.

I open my eyes and say my morning prayer. If time permits, I listen to a meditation. The Deepak and Oprah series is my favorite. There’s something so soothing about the blend of her voice and his on the tracks. She has such an invigorating energy. He voice lulls me into a state of relaxation. It’s like having coffee and a really good cheese danish. A soft, delicious boost of morning YUM.

Then off to the shower. Showering is a typically American morning ritual. Maybe it has something to do with our Puritan need to wash away our sins. Who knows?

I enjoy it.

Once I’m clean, I usually plug into a Mahalaxmi Mantra while making breakfast. My current favorite is sung by Arti and has an upbeat percussion backing a woman who seems happy. This mantra is dedicated to Lakshmi and attracts prosperity. Prosperity doesn’t always mean money but in this case, it does. Having overcome the guilt and shame of desiring material wealth is freeing.

I’m enjoying the feeling.

As I eat, or maybe after eating, I often read from The Master Mind by Theron. G. Dumont, read my affirmations aloud or write out five new ideas to pursue. There have been times when I’ve done all three.

All this before eight a.m.

It feels good, this ritualized life I’ve organized for myself. I feel more focused and can more easily reroute my thoughts to the positive from negative. It feels good to be IN charge as well as positively charged. I’ve taken and formed my life the way I want it to be.

My life is a ritual of happiness…


and I enjoy it.


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