What a Day…and other fun stuff.


Honey! Last night was a hot mess. I wrote an emotionally tipped little expression and boy, did the wolves attack. In typical Cancer fashion, I just laughed. I mean, in my opinion, that’s what writers do. We write to evoke emotion or thought. We initiate conversations with our anger and outrage. Our love and sensitivity. Our poor judgement.

So, this morning I woke and almost hesitated to check my Facebook messages. I’m glad that I did because the hate I’d come to expect was not there. Instead was an articulate and fair note from a spirit brother. Although he didn’t agree with the content of my explosive and incendiary words, he respectfully responded with some words of his own. We had a conversation.

Which is all I wanted.

I know that at times this girl can be a bit much. I can be hostile and sensitive. There have been times that I’ve cried inconsolably over the slightest insult. I mope. But, sometimes I am effervescent. I glow. I have been known to party like it’s 2099. I am an ever changing, ever spinning top of many colors. You never where I may land…but isn’t it worth the ride?

For those that know and love me with all of my imperfections, Thank You. If you’re not a fan, it’s ok. I don’t mind.

But, I will take note of my questionable behavior and remember to employ The Four Agreements in daily living.

Be Impeccable with Your Words. (Lord, I will do my best.)

Don’t Take Anything Personally. (Guess I flubbed that one up, too.)

Don’t  Assume. (Well, Hell’s Bells. Remember that when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.)

Do Your Best. (That’s the One that redeems. Yes!)

Now…off to make the most of this beautiful, Sunny South Florida Day.



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