Lights Out!

Yesterday our power was out from about 2pm until almost midnight. Somehow an errant truck hit one of the power line poles. Not so bad…except that the pole was rotten in the center, fell over and took three other poles down with it. Live wires were strewn about the street and our neighborhood went dark. Well, not dark but without electricity. Thank Heavens no one was hurt  and no one’s house was damaged.

The daylight hours were typical. I read books, worked on my writing and played around on my phone. Having spent many summers in the country, I found productive ways to fill my time. The Round Head Boy, who’s not so little anymore, was immediately bored because his digital day had descended into early 19th century drudgery.

He took several short naps.

Into the afternoon, our small extended family gathered in the common room to play board games, talk and eat dinner. My nephew picked up some fast food because no one was anxious to eat the cold salad I’d suggested, not even me. My in-laws played cards. The Round Head Boy enjoyed a few moments with his Nintendo DS and we were all speculating when our lives would return to normal.

As night slowly settled upon us, it comes late here in South Florida during Daylight Savings Time, we all realized that the lights would not be on before bedtime. My phone had pretty much died but my new laptop still had juice so I worked on my novel a bit.

Finally, the boy declared that it was time for bed. He’d had enough of this no electricity drama and besides, his DS had died. So, everyone retired to their separate corners to settle in for the evening.

Not a bad day, all things considered. But boy am I glad for electricity this rising.


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