Taking Down my Braids and Experiencing an Epiphany.


I’ve been reading a lot of self help stuff lately…and I’ve noticed a trend. Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising but I just starting putting it all together.

Today between taking down my braids and surfing the internet for some light entertainment, I stumbled across an article entitled, ” 6 Steps to Attracting Love” on Gaygirldatingcoach.com. Being single and without a clue where or how to start ‘getting out there’ I gave it a gander.

Surprisingly a lot of her points were pretty much the same as the points I’d read in Think and Grow Rich. In fact the words ‘love’ and ‘wealth’ are interchangeable between the two. For example, in the Attracting Love article, the author writes a list. It begins like this:

Envision the relationship you want to be in and BE LOVE.

I won’t plagiarize the entire article but if you’d like to read more check it out. Here’s the link:


These past two days have been a little up and down for me. Maybe it’s the humidity that’s descended upon and is as thick as New England Clam Chowda. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t cleaned out all the happy couple pictures of me and my ex from my WordPress media folder. Finally got around to doing that  today. Whatever the reason, I gotta get it together.

Reading that blog was an awesome boost for me though. That gay girl made me realize that all of the lessons in life are pretty much the same whether you want love or money or knowledge.

Focus on What You Want.

Stay Positive.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

So, now that my braids are down, it’s time for a new do. Tomorrow I go blonde again.

Time to lighten up.


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