Sketchy Guy, Rollin’ Eye and The Jack Leg Mechanic.

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So…my car battery died again today. Now I HAVE to buy a new battery.

My father in-law has a friend who owns a mechanic shop. His friend seems cool. It’s his son that always tries to rip me off every time I go there. His son and I have had words before. Believe me when I say it got ugly. I swore I’d never go back there again.

I went there today because my father in law said that his friend told me it would be about $35 for a refurbished battery. I’d shopped around and a new one cost, for the cheapest option, about $112 dollars.  So, $35 sounded like a pretty good price to me since I was looking to save money.

I got there and the dad checks my car.  It’d actually started to overheat so he said let it cool off for a while. A short while later, I see and hear someone working on my car. Assuming it was him, I got out to ask a couple of questions. It’s not him. It’s some other guy who is unfamiliar to me and kinda sketchy looking.

Sketchy guy starts telling me I the battery’s dead, which I know, and proceeds to try and sell me an alternator. I’m like how much is that and he says he has to make a call. So, I’m waiting for him to come back and tell me the cost. When he returns, sometime later, he says just for the part it’ll be $279 and labor will be more. So, I tell him to just give me the refurbished battery and ask him for the price, just too clarify. He says that he has to go find out. Mind you, my father in-law had already told me it would be about $35.

Dude comes back with a price of $70. That’s right. $70.

I told him that the owner had quoted me a price of $35. He says he’s going to have to ask the owner because that was the price he was given. While I’m talking to him, some dude that’d worked there when I had that little issue with the son walks by and rolls his eyes like, “Not this bitch”.  I look him like, “Yep. It’s me,” and keep it moving.  So, Sketchy Dude walks away to, I assumed, talk to the owner.

Once again, never assume.

So after a while, I got tired of waiting. I was NOT giving this man $70 for a used battery when a new one cost about $100. I walk to the back of the garage and Sketchy Dude, Rolling Eyes and some other jack leg mechanic guy are sitting around talk *$&#. I simply say, “Hey…can you hook up my battery? I gotta go.” Sketchy’s like, “I thought you were talking to the owner about the price?”

I didn’t even feel like reminding him that he was supposed to be checking on the price. I just wanted to get the hell out of there and get to an auto parts store.

Which I should’ve done in the first place.

Moral of this story?

Girl…If you say you’re never going to a place again. Don’t. It’ll only waste your time and make you want to kick yourself for going through the hassle.


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