Spring has Broken…lol.


Man…is it over already?

Spring Break came and went so quickly. It seems like just yesterday, we were gearing  up for fun in the sun.

I fell asleep writing this post…so let me switch gears.

Somebody’s kid gave me THE NINJA of instant colds today.

It’s the first day back and I’m in Pre-K. There’s a fire drill. Have you ever tried to get seven autistic children under six in a line and outside while there’s an angry bell ringing?

If you haven’t, reserve comment. lol.

While we’re outside one of my students lets out a huge sneeze. Buggers and snot flew everywhere…then he wiped it on his hands. Little bugger bits were all over his face, shirt, in the air and apparently on me. Something went awry during the drill and we were out in the morning sunlight for awhile.  Imagine…toasted snot. Nice.

But, they’re so adorable. I love these kids. We get back inside and I clean him up with some baby wipes and hand sanitizer because we couldn’t make a pit stop at the restroom.

I was fine until I got home.

My mother in-law got a lead on some properties so we went and looked at some house for a couple of hours. When we got back, I felt a little tired and decided to listen to a binaural and take a nap.

Wow…it’s like the germs were hibernating in me because when I woke up , I felt like a steamy, hot mess.

Pray for me.

I’m the roaming librarian tommorow.


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