My Self Confidence Letter.

A few days ago, I watched a Tedx Talk with Dr. Ivan Joseph. In the video, he talks about writing a self confidence letter. This is a letter to yourself which outlines all of your accomplishments so, that when times get tough or you’re not feeling so good about yourself, you can whip it out and read it to give yourself a boost.

I immediately fell in love with the idea.

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So, here is my letter to myself.

Dear Crystal,

Congratulations! You Rock and Have Always Rocked and Will Always Rock!

At 16 years old, you graduated high school.

As a single mom with two children, you graduated from university.

As a college student, you explored your world literally as well as figuratively.

As a mom, you have been dedicated, loving and fair. Your children are awesomely well adjusted, young men who love you.

You love to smile and have others smile back.

Never Forget How Awesome YOU Are, girl!

Love You,



One thought on “My Self Confidence Letter.

  1. friggen love this!!! kinda why i renamed my blog “dear sweet me”. still coming out crooked lol but i’m trying to take time to remember that i am AMAZING too! i wrote a poem about two years ago in tribute to my AWESOMENESS lol…i need to find and post…or perhaps even write anew? love this.. love your blog! totally inspirational. wanna be just like you when i grow up!!! namaste and cyberhugz

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