Raising a Genius Child…or Two. lol

My sons are geniuses. I know everyone thinks that but I have proof. They’ve been tested. Even though they don’t see the logic of me taking credit for their genius, I do anyway. I also told them that if they argue their point that I would wear a T-shirt with their pictures on it and a caption that reads, “These Two Came Out Of Me”.

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It helps that they know I’ll do it.

One thing I never do is make false claims or frivolous punishments. Smart kids look at that as weakness.

I don’t hit my kids in the face. That is disrespectful.

It’s a challenge bringing up thinkers. I would like for them to be free thinkers…but they’re still young.

I love to introduce them to my friends. My friends all have genius kids. They’re all so cool. lol. Some of them are awesome athlete scholars. Some of them are writers, artist or music makers. Just like their parents, even if their talents aren’t exactly the same.  I am so fortunate to have met so many COOL people who’ve gone on to procreate.


Even if you haven’t, I still love you if you’re my friend. Being a parent is not a prerequisite for AWESOMENESS.

Even though a kid bit  me in the butt and another one spit right in my mouth, it’s ok. They’re geniuses, too. Primal geniuses who are more in touch with parts of their brain we haven’t accessed.

So, if you have a child or several, give hugs freely. Give smiles readily.

Love is the Best Gift and it’s Free! Be Proud.

Your child’s a genius, too.

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