The Me I See.

My recent journey calls for a lot of visualization and identification of MY truth. In an effort to apply metaphysical action in embracing this truth, I want to learn more about me.

I have been quite a few people in this life. lol

30812_1485263412812_3306026_n 206573_1030611366795_2277_n

Ask ten people what they think of me. Responses will vary.

19056_1345739404799_4430161_n 25258_1397094248638_8292228_n

I take all of my eccentricities and moods in stride now.

It’s easier to ride the tide if you don’t fight the current.  Crabs know what I mean.

Developing self confidence has been quite the learning experience. Especially since I felt very good about my self-esteem, which had taken a beating my younger years, and thought that confidence was part of that package. I feel so much better these days! I’ve been able to manifest a number of things by simply practicing gratitude, an understanding of myself as a human being and shifting focus. I can’t say that I’ve always perfectly executed these principles but I do my best. Even if in hindsight, I cringe at the memory.

I decided as a young woman to do two things.

Never Regret Anything You’ve Done



Have As Much Adventure As  You Can Before You Get Too Old.


I Love that I decided to Live that Way. It feels good…and you know how we Cancers love our Feelings.


So, when I think of myself as not just a woman but as a girl. As a Mom and a Granddaughter. As a Club Kid and a Spirit Being. I can better appreciate the journey. Because just like matter and energy, we never end.

We change form.

…and that’s something I’ve been good at for a long time.


39947_1569333514512_7214881_n 36353_1507688693430_1650622_n


39663_1564243027253_8040799_n 10003846_10203259769276277_1799424617_o

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