Mind Racing! Can’t Sit Still! Riding on Fumes…and Lovin’ It.

Sometimes I drink too much coffee.


It’s natural. It’s from The Earth. It’s tasty. Why no?

So, my mind is racing. I was finding it hard to focus so I am playing my favorite binaural beat for creativity and focus.  Trust me, it’s working. Before, I couldn’t stay in my chair more than 20 seconds at a time.

It’s been five minutes. lol.

I had an awesome day reading to kids. It truly is one of my favorite things to do.  The bonus? These kids are really smart. But, I could be biased. I’ve known them for about a year.

I came home and alternated between stress and fatigue for a while before settling down enough to bake shortbread, eat dinner and do some laundry. Fueled by coffee, all of that stuff went down in a flash. After that I added some cool detail to my  new art piece and worked on my self confidence principles.

Now I’m doing my daily writing and later I’ll wrap up some work before falling asleep. Hopefully.

A band started a jam session around eleven or so after everyone was all tired and sugar cracked out Sunday night. I immediately heard sirens.  South Florida. She makes me laugh. I do love a midnight concert…but not everyone’s so open.

So, this is my randomness for the day. Coffee energy spent. Enjoy your evening. Namaste.

206573_1030611366795_2277_n Lithe

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