The Secret to The Secret? Don’t Stress!


I am so excited! My journey is progressing and changing in so many ways. I know it’s Divine Providence. Sometimes it’s inexplicable and yet others, I feel as if life has been simplified. Made easier. Other times I feel about to burst out of my skin.

I thought that it was the coffee making jittery and unfocused yesterday. I forgot about the connection with energy I often feel when three things collide in my life: stress, pms and lack of exercise. I still kinda have the jitters but it’s being coated thickly by a layer of fatigue so heavy, it took me by surprise that I had to take a nap.

As much as I’m enjoying my journey, I need to keep in mind that time is infinite. In our American Lives, we’re taught that time is not only fleeting but not to be wasted. I think I’ve worked myself into a frenzy. Time to slow down and meditate.

I did meditate and sleep and chakra cleanse. Ill probably do more tonight.  I want to slide in a few moments of cardio but if I don’t, no problem. There’s always tomorrow. Not that I’m lazy. I have to listen to my body, especially at these times.

So, time to get some work done before my next round of things to do. Send me some Love and Light. It’s been a real wild ride these past few days.



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