I Tried Not To Give A Damn But…

I try not to watch the news. I live in South Florida so it’s like a barrage of domestic murders, dog and/or shark bites and other hideous tragedy presented by half naked women wearing weave and club gear. No lie. The news women here look like strippers and the dudes look like emasculated Ken dolls. Welcome to Miami where everything’s plastic. But, I digress.

I was grabbing a quick cup of coffee between writing assignments when I heard gunshots…on tv. Mildly curious and in mid sip, the unfortunate story of Walter Scott unfurled. “Wow,” I thought as I considered the past two years, “Again?”

It is a hot story so the news has been pimping it for all it’s worth. The debates. The political rhetoric. The hot air. But, will there be justice? Video evidence is still a hard sale for anyone who feels that Mr. Scott must’ve done something, said something…caused his own murder. Remember Ted Nugent’s totally offensive and ridiculously racist rant? I’m sure he’s having a field day analyzing this one. The video won’t mean a damn thing to a person like him. Apparently it hasn’t meant a lot to many people.

I’m so sick of this. We know that black lives SHOULD matter…but do they? Last month in my home state of Georgia, a policeman shot a naked and unarmed man to death.


Last summer, Eric Garner was killed on the streets of NYC. It was like a  scene from Spike Lee’s , “Do The Right Thing.”


Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. So many nameless and faceless others who’ve been murdered just for being Big, Black and therefore Scary. Is fear the cause of all of these killings? I can’t say for sure…but it sure is a scary time to be black.

One thought on “I Tried Not To Give A Damn But…

  1. nice rant, girl. sad that it’s so friggen true. positioned her in canada and tho it ain’t the good ol’ U S of A, there’s still an element i can’t deny. sigh. one ‘rosa’ at a time, huh. stay strong georgia 😉 namaste

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