Buddhist Fist…and other Saturday Afternoon Favorites.

This has been a busy morning. When I woke, I went into a coffee panic. I didn’t have any creamer or soy milk. I was also down to maybe one half cup of coffee grinds…and that just wouldn’t do. So I threw on some clothes that I’m sure didn’t match and ran off to Publix. I wandered the aisles a bit before realizing that I only came for coffee. My cardinal rule? Never make shopping decisions without having coffee. It can be ugly.

So, I came home and had some coffee. YUM. Maxwell House, you take my breath away. Almost bought the overpriced stuff but decided to live within my budget. My budget said, “Heifer! You better not spend $8 on some *&%& coffee. I  listened…but I digress.


This morning: I did some research, worked on my book, did laundry and had a tuna melt. Not sure why I had a tuna melt. But, I did…and it was delicious. I was gonna have a salad but nope, had the tuna melt. Healthy will have to be another decision for another day. Plus, I wanted to get back to my Saturday Kung Fu Flick, Buddhist Fist.

Buddhist Fist

Now, if you’re looking for a serious movie. This ain’t it. The make up is horrible. The acting is aight. The plot? Typical.  What really rocks about this movie is the frickin’ kung fu. Almost any movie choreographed by Yuen Woo Ping is guaranteed to have awesome fight scenes. Buddhist Fist is Awesome.

I’m going to a show tonight with my friend so, I need to get some work done…but i gotta see the final fight scene first. Wait…this dude just killed three people with a sword. There’s no blood on the sword. I love old kung fu flicks!  Today’s movies are too damn bloody.

Iron MonkeyDrunken Master

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