Searching for Q Lazzarus.

Every time I’m out at the 80’s bar with my friends Heather and Erin, “Goodbye Horses” plays. Now I must admit, I never heard the song before Silence of The Lambs but ever since then, that tune has haunted me. It’s mysterious and simple and her voice is…

I also have to admit that I didn’t know Q Lazzarus was a black woman. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to find information about her. Maybe not. I’ve searched the internet a few times over the years and haven’t been able to get more than a few sentences. No details about her life accept her birthday and the fact that she was a taxi driver before becoming a singer. She’s been in a couple of movies and ‘Goodbye Horses’ is an underground classic. I want more info! I would love to know more about this woman, Q Lazzarus.

GoodbyeHorsesSingleCover q-lazzarus-mar2013

Remember that film, Finding Debra Winger? I want to find Q Lazzarus. Where would I start? Alice Walker found Zora Neale Hurston but am I willing and able to find Q Lazzarus? What is she doing now? Where’s she from? What’s her story? There’s a couple of urban legends regarding her song but what about HER.

Hmm…I think it’s time for a new research project.

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