But Wait…It Gets Better. lol

I have been having the best time! Not a mere moment, nope.

I’ve been having a GREAT TIME.

Since I began practicing Definiteness of Purpose and focusing on managing my attention, Life has become so…magical. Now I know what it means to speak something into existence. I needed an easel. I put the energy out there that I needed an easel and guess what, I found one at the thrift  store. I hadn’t even planned to go to that store but on impulse stopped there anyway. I looked at my new earring the other day, wondering what happened to its mate. Guess what?  A student in First Grade found it in his classroom today. Now I have both!

I LOVE MY WRITING COACH. She told me to read Think and Grow Rich alongside The Richest Man in Babylon. I am sooooo glad that I followed her advice.  I learned to accept that honing my skill is key as well as changing my perspective. Why be a starving artist when with a little effort and a goal, all things are possible? In my youth, I eschewed any hint of materialism. But, now I see the world with different eyes. I’ve had years of experience doubting myself. That lifestyle was not very lucrative or uplifting. Like the poet Michael Jackson said, “It’s time to make that change”…so, I did. Don’t regret it at all, either.

Napoleon Hill’s teachings are simple.  Focus on what you want. Be good to yourself and others. Have a goal. Never give up. These are all good lessons and at the very heart of it all, belief in oneself. What’s not to love about being happy, having money and doing things you love to do? Not a gosh darned thing.

Who knew life could be so practical and magical all at the same time?

( Yes. I do like that movie…alot. lol)


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